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 The Blank Canvas

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The Blank Canvas Empty
PostSubject: The Blank Canvas   The Blank Canvas Icon_minitimeMon Jul 30, 2018 11:31 am

The First Blank Canvas

Visualize a beautiful huge but white blank canvas or a white wall in front of you.

Paint and fill it as you wish with relying on what colour comes to mind first.  If any imagery, objects, colours, symbolism comes to mind, fill your canvas with this in positioning of where you feel drawn to place them. Picture all little details of where you want this to be placed. Doesn’t have to be neat. But it can be a brief visualisation, can be scribbles, doodles, or concise imagery.

Now, what you have just visualised & envisioned is the person and the symbolisms to work with on the canvas is connected to the person’s aura.  Ask via positive intention who this canvas reading is for. Scroll down the list to see who you are drawn to. Alternatively, literally go down the list and see if energetically the answer next to every username is Y or N meaning Yes or No. If when you come down to a YES this is who the reading is for.

Work with everything you have filled out or envisioned on the canvas in front of you as every little message helps. When finished, give thanks to the universe and psychic and to sitter for the connection today.

The Second Blank Canvas

The second blank canvas is very similar to the first. EXCEPT, you would be doing this exercise on a blank piece of paper. Excellent for those that can draw and who will be a whiz at this, but if you are like me and have no clue how to draw, it may just end up being stick men and doodles, either way, as long as you understand the messages coming in to give to the sitter / person receiving the reading who is present, then that’s ALL that matters to the circle & class today. It will indeed work with the creative energies who like to be creative, but if universal or spirit comes in, you can either choose to work with the link or with them direct.

When you are finished, give thanks to those who have made link possible, today, including your sitter, for opportunity to work.
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The Blank Canvas
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